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HashFlare Profit Calculator Guide

Cloud mining became a profitable business, and these days it is not enough to treat it like a hobby. If you don’t want to spend your time on setting noisy equipment and paying bills for electricity, you can use HashFlare cloudmining service.

Its data center is a massive powerhouse full of monster machines that can deal with hundreds of requests at the same time. Just pay your pool rent and get instant income regularly. To calculate your potential profit now, you can use HashFlare profit calculator. It is easy to use and will show you how much money you can get for buying a certain mining algorithm pool.

How to Calculate HashFlare ROI

It was time before such tools as HashFlare profit calculator appeared. A user should be doing some certain Math calculations by himself to find out his potential income from a certain Cryptocurrency pool. Let’s see the calculating principle.

Your profit can be calculated via the deduction of expenses from income and some special features such as:

  • Cost
  • Conversion Rate
  • Coin to USD Rate
  • Mining Rate
  • Maintenance Fee

How to Use HashFlare Calculator

In our days it is much easier to deal with all those HashFlare ROI calculations. All you need to do is to visit the page of a certain contract calculator or use HashFlare calculator for all the calculations.

Your hashrate set the number of daily payouts. This is your income.

Here are the five main pools of HashFlare:

  1. Bitcoin– SHA-256
  2. Litecoin – Scrypt
  3. Ethereum– ETHASH
  4. DASH – X11
  5. ZCash– EQUIHASH

Then using your pool info you need to plus electricity and maintenance fees (0.0035 USD per 10 GH/s of SHA-256 and 0.005 USD per 1 MH/s of Scrypt) and then deduct this sum from your income. Other three clouds ETHASH, X11, and EQUIHASH don’t require any fees.

Then the end sum you get is your estimated profit.

Note that all sums you receive as daily payouts are shown on a special Balance Panel as well as other analytics and exchange rates. All the updates are provided in real-time mode by HashFlare system by default.

HashFlare Maintenance Fee

As we all know, the entire mining process is a complex action that requires lots of energy and computer resources while working without stopping. Besides that, human resources are also important, especially, if we are talking about such massive farms as HashFlare has.

To cover all those consuming of finances and other resources, special fees for maintenance were founded. This also includes electricity fees as well and has a sort name MEF. It has a value according to your type of contract and hashrate.

HashFlare charges fees for two the most popular pools of all five it has. We are talking about SHA-256 and Scrypt mining algorithms. Both have their own fee sum which we mentioned before. 0.0035 USD for SHA-256 and 0.005 USD for Scrypt.

Please note that those maintenance and electricity fees are not usually included in your bill. And you don’t have to worry about deducting them from your income personally. The system does it for you every time you receive a daily payout.

While your income is calculated in BTC and those fees in USD, the deduction goes with the current exchange rate between both currencies. Usually, it is more positive for the customer as the rate is BTC positive.

How to Reinvest

Besides that innovative profit calculator, HashFlare also offers one more interesting feature you would like. It is called Reinvestment, and it is as simple as it seems. You can reinvest your income by purchasing an additional hashrate. Of course, if your Balance is positive for that.

To turn this feature on you just need to go to the Balance Panel and enable the Reinvest option there. Just tap on the button and choose the hashrate type.

When you activate this option, you can see the balance ability to buy you a maximum hashrate amount.

Each time you receive your daily payout, the system will automatically check the minimal sum you have to reinvest and confirm the function.

If you want to turn this function off, you just need to repeat the same action once again. Just go to the Balance Panel, and tap Do Not Reinvest button. Don’t forget to confirm the action by pressing Save button then.

If you are interested in this option to be active, you need to know that default disables it. So, you need to activate it personally. And note that technical support is not responsible if you have turned on or off the function by mistake.

To learn more about HashFlare, its prices, and fees you are always welcome to contact their support department by phone or via Skype.