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Looking for a Fair Cloud Mining: Is HashFlare Legit?

So, what is HashFlare? It is a cloudmining service with a wide range of contracts for various types of customers. The number of algorithms this company offers is quite impressive. This review will tell you more about the entire working process of the company and its greatest benefits. So, is HashFlare legit or scam? Let’s see.

About the Company

HashFlare is on the cloudmining market since 2014. At this moment, it is one of the largest mining companies with a large mining farm. The main goal of its developers is to give access to the Cryptocurrency world to all. And for lots of people, HashFlare is the best chance to try making money this most modern way.

Any review will tell you that the company allows its customers to start with the lowest entry price possible. People are offered with various types of computer powers (hashpowers) to satisfy their mining needs without the need to buy expensive equipment. The contract lasts for some certain period of time according to its price.

The trick is that the more hashpower you own, the larger your income is. It is like you are buying powers to work and keep all the profits. Then, of course, you need to extend your rental. Besides that, there are some fees provided. But, due to various testimonials, they are fair and without any hidden points.

HashFlare Pools

The mining process is automatic and starts immediately after HashFlare receives your money. There are five main HashFlare pools you can choose from:

  • SHA-256 – 1 year – TH/s
  • ETHASH (Ethereum) – 1 year – MH/s
  • EQUIHASH (ZCash) – 1 year – MH/s
  • X11 (Dash) – 1 year – MH/s
  • Scrypt – 1 year – MH/s

Each pool has its own price and benefits you can learn more about on HashFlare official website. The lowest price starts from $2.00 for ZCash algorithm miner. The most expensive is $7.50 for Script algorithm.

HashFlare Tutorial

Before you start mining, you should register your private account on HashFlare official website and set settings. And myHashFlare review is here to teach you how to do it.

Register an account

First of all, you need to enter and register your own account there. The entire process is very simple. The interface of the website is quite simple and user-friendly. Besides, it is multilingual and counts more than ten various languages. It will take you just a few minutes to complete.

Start with the dashboard and enter your email address. Then proceed with security requirements and just using the program. You will see your BTC balance there. It is the sum you can withdraw anytime you want. And what it is even more exciting about HashFlare is that you can reinvest your earned money back into mining. But note that it is possible for SHA-256 and Scrypt algorithms only.

Also, there will be a proper balance for the coin you are mining along with the analytics of your potential profit due to your hashpower. Newcomers have zero balance and should purchase hashpower first using Buy Hashrate button.

Hashrate at Hashflare

There is nothing too complicated about the process of buying hashrates at HashFlare. Just choose the proper amount of hashrates you are going to purchase.

Note that SHA256 and SCRYPT pools charge a special maintenance fee. But these are totally affordable and reasonable fees due to those two pools complexity. The revenue indicator will show you the price without charging those two fees, so keep in mind those sums before withdrawing your money. At the same time, Ethereum, ZCash, and Dash do not require any additional fees at all.

Then after choosing your hashpowers you can proceed with the payment. This is the last stage of completing your order. You can also enter your promo or discount code here. Just click on the Redeem code button.

The number of paying methods is more than satisfying. You can choose from wire transfer, Bitcoin, credit card, Emercoin, Webmoney, and Payeer. And, of course, you can use your private balance for payment. HashFlare is one of those great companies that start customer’s cloudmining immediately after they receive payments. You need to wait 24 hours for the first payout.


According to this info, users’ testimonials, and their experience, HashFlare no scam at all. It is fair and reasonable without any hidden fees or something like that. The company exists since 2014, and this age is enough to build strong recommendations and trust among cloudmining enthusiasts. One should note that payouts at HashFlare are fast as lightning and extremely smooth. Besides, a low entry price would be a great benefit point for all those people out there who still are afraid of Cryptocurrency and don’t want to risk too much.